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Corporate social responsibility

It is because we believe (trust) in the human profile of organisations and therefore in their commitment and responsibility with society, that we support at the corporate level with several foundations in the development of humanitarian projects.

Construction of a Damm in Turkana (Kenya).

In collaboration with the NGO Nuevos Caminos, we participate in a project in north western Turkana for the supply of basic water infrastructures. Turkana is a constant hunger area where no agriculture is carried out. The Turkana Lake water is alkaline due to its high concentration of minerals, so it cannot be used for local consumption. EURO -FUNDING has funded the construction of a damm to collect rainwater, an invaluable project for the local population.


Special education school, day centre and residence for cerebral palsy affected in Madrid.

We collaborate in Spain with the Numen Foundation dedicated, for more than 15 years, to the care of children and young people from 3 to 20 years old severely affected by cerebral palsy.


Social Entrepreneurship.

In EURO-FUNDING we are fully committed as social entrepreneur through the Ashoka Foundation involving people with experience, innovative ideas and high impact projects through an international networking for producing real improvements and developments in the lives of many communities


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